Why Use a Professional Home Watch Provider?

“Home Watch” is an emerging industry. Professional Home Watch providers agree that it’s in the best interest of our clients, our colleagues, and our industry to promote basic training and ongoing dialogue surrounding Home Watch best practices. We strongly encourage you to review the “Ultimate Home Watch Interview Guide” before handing over the keys to your seasonal home. Coastal Haven Home Watch is a member of the International Home Watch Alliance (IHWA), an IHWA Certified Reporter, and a graduate of the Home Watch Academy.

Ideally, the only benefit you’ll ever need to receive from a Home Watch provider is peace of mind. The unfortunate reality is that unexpected, undesired events like water leaks and pest intrusion can happen while you’re away. Early detection can save homeowners from costly damage and repairs - and avoid a disastrous “welcome home” upon your return to Southwest Florida.

Home Watch a Thriving Business ~Siesta Sand, April 2022

Graduate of the Home Watch Academy

And member of the Your Home Watch Professionals network.